• Known as VO1D, Nemesis / Nemo, and Electro.

  • Transmasc | He / They

  • Minor. [BIRTHDAY_DATE: August 21st]

  • Worldbuilder, Artist, Gamer.


  • [MUSIC]: Chonny Jash, Tally Hall, The Dreadnoughts, The Chalkeaters, Stupendium, etc.

  • [GAMES]: Deep Rock Galactic, Team Fortress 2, Risk of Rain 2, FAITH, Inscryption, and more!

  • [MISC.]: Worldbuilding, Dystopias, Gothic Novels, Theories, Science, Unsolved Mysteries, Countryballs, etc.


  • [IRRATIONAL FEARS] (Only applies IRL): Spiders, Needles, Heights.

  • [BASIC]: Stans, Purists / Gatekeepers, Basic Criteria (ex. LGBTQ+phobics, MAPS, Hate speech, etc.)


  • My sonas are Veitball, Oscar, [CRISIS], and many more!

  • I have multiple worlds I've been developing, alongside "storylines" (I can't write lmao).

  • Currently, I focus more on creating Risk of Rain related art!

  • I hoard dice.